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Here's My Incredible Story;
I developed this site while I'm now in the course of a current home purchase. I have been able to raise my Credit Score 44 points already and in 3 more days will probably go up another 50 points. My Loan Officer is really ecstatic he can hardly believe it. I call him every time I see a change in my score. He told me that he has never seen anybody raise their credit scores like that and is asking how I'm doing it so fast. He says he has never dealt with a client that became so knowledgeable about Credit Scores and that he usually just refers his clients to a Credit Repair Agency that charges $400-$500! Alternatively, law firms charge a "teaser" low monthly fee but ratchet up to $200+/hour.

I told him we are going to have to work something out because his clients are getting "Ripped Off". I told him that I could definitely educate his clients on how they can raise their Credit Scores themselves for a fraction of the cost and do it much quicker. In return he would get more clients and get them approved for loans much faster.

Inspired to develop this web site after my Yahoo News interview! Closing for my new house is in 2 weeks and I saved thousands of dollars in interest already. I moved out of "Sub Prime" loan category and I'm actually going to GET 7K back, no money out of my pocket for new purchase!

So cool!

All because I discovered how to quickly raise my Credit Score! Not even my Loan Officer or Real Estate agent knew how to do this. I was desperate because my Credit Scores were on the edge of acceptance. But I did it! Now, I'm willing to share with you my secrets so you won't let a low Credit Score ruin your life and dreams of a low payment on a dream home. Some examples of how VAST the difference is...

FICO Score Your
Interest Rate
720-850 5.76% $876
700-719 5.88% $888
675-699 6.42% $940
620-674 7.57% $1,056
560-619 8.53% $1,157
500-559 9.29% $1,238
Actual Rates (Source Fair Isaac and Duck9)
Look at the difference by raising your score 100 points!
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That was my story 1.5 years ago when I just had to share my Discoveries with other people and make this web site. I'm very serious about my credit scores and to this day I still use and share the exact same tips, strategies, techniques and ideas with other people to help them boost their credit scores.


Just look how I have dramatically raised my Credit Scores and I can show you how to raise yours too!

Score 604 8/31/02 (604 "Sub Prime" loan category with extremely high Interest Rates 8.53-9.05%, may not get loan)
Score 644 9/1/02 (Notice the 40 point increase overnight)
Score 640 9/12/02
Score 670 9/26/02
Score 683 10/1/02 (683 is considered Prime Interest Rates 6.42% and excellent loan terms)
Score 690 7/7/03
Score 704 12/6/03 (A little known timing trick I discovered that raised my Credit Score 20+ points)
Score 712 12/05/04

Total Boosted Equifax Credit Score 108 Points!

Score 576 8/31/02
Score 581 9/1/02
Score 581 9/19/02
Score 595 9/23/02
Score 618 10/01/02
Score 621 12/30/02
Score 622 01/02/03
Score 636 03/10/03
Score 648 4/21/03
Score 660 5/22/03
Score 661 6/9/03
Score 665 6/23/03
Score 666 7/7/03
Score 665 8/4/03
Score 711 8/20/03
Score 713 9/8/03
Score 725 10/06/03
Score 726 11/03/03
Score 728 12/05/03
Score 730 2/23/04
Score 730 5/3/04

Total Boosted Experian Credit Score 154 Points!

Score 621 8/31/02
Score 635 9/23/02
Score 639 10/01/02
Score 642 03/10/03
Score 648 4/21/03
Score 660 6/9/03
Score 660 6/23/03
Score 665 8/4/03
Score 668 9/8/03
Score 687 11/03/03
Score 685 12/05/03
Score 699 2/23/04
Score 707 5/3/04

Total Boosted Trans Union Credit Score 86 Points!

Strange, but my Trans Union credit score one time inched backwards along with taking Giant Leaps. Buy the book NOW for $24.95 along with the IRON CLAD guarantee of double your money back!

Buy NOW for $24.95 along with the IRON CLAD guarantee of double your money back
A credit card free option...

Those are my true Credit Scores on those dates folks. You can see by the dates above that I'm very serious about my scores and monitor them closely and you should too! I still use the same Tactics and Techniques I used 1.5 years ago to continually keep my scores high each month.

I developed this book to arm you with the cutting edge knowledge on how you can dramatically boost
your Credit Score and be able to enjoy that new home/car or that good interest rate that you couldn't get because of low Credit Scores.

Learn How to Capitalize on what the lenders have been keeping secret from consumers for years,
Your Credit Score!

Its amazing how many consumers don't even know how their credit scores can dramatically affect their purchasing power, or what is considered a low or high Credit Score, or even how to improve their Credit Scores. I'm here to tell you that your Credit Score is absolutely critical in your buying power!

Each of the three major Credit Bureaus use scoring models with complex mathematical methods to help determine credit patterns and forecast repayment performance for each consumer which has established a credit file within the three major credit bureaus. The scores measure good and bad credit and establishes risk a potential borrower represents to the lender for repayment of loans.

What this means for you the consumer is;

Low Credit Score = "Higher Risk" with higher interest rates, tougher loan provisions, or worse- no loan!
High Credit Scores = "Lower Risk" with lower interest rates, better loan terms, and better product to buy

Each of the three Credit Bureau scores range between approximately 300 - 900 points
with 600 and below being considered "sub prime" loans. 620 being about the cut off for an acceptable loan with a mid to high interest rate.

The bottom line is that your Credit Score means everything in today's world of credit and borrowing!
Get that new home loan, refinance, or new car, and save thousands of dollars in interest by boosting your Credit Score and getting your loan approved!

"Learn What Many Real Estate Agents And Lenders Don't Even Know Themselves About Credit Scores Or How To Improve On Them Quickly!"

With my new released E-Book "101 Secrets to Boost Credit Scores", learn how to dramatically boost your Credit Score before you approach, or while you are currently working with a lender/broker to get the best possible interest rates and loan terms for a home or car.

Here Is What You Will Discover Inside My Powerful Cutting Edge E-Book "101 Secrets to Boost Credit Scores"-

  • Learn- How I raised my Credit Score 44 points in 20 minutes and saved $3,306.000 in interest!
  • Learn- Exact methods I used that dramatically increased my Credit Score in just a few days!
  • Learn- The little known timing trick I discovered that raised my Credit Scores 14 Points and another 30 points all within a few days, and kept my credit score higher each month.
  • Learn- The 5 elements that determine your Credit Score and how to use them as leverage.
  • Learn- Myths about credit "Inquiries" on your Credit Report and how they really affect your Credit Score
  • Learn- How to improve your Credit Score even if your currently shopping for a new home or car
  • Learn- How to improve your Credit Score even if your current home is up for sale and you're currently working with a lender and shopping for a new home.
  • Learn- How I made a simple 30 second phone call to a car dealership and saved myself thousands of dollars in interest (you won't believe it!)
  • Learn- How to approach lenders and brokers for a home loan without feeling like you're "in left field"
  • Learn- How to make lenders and brokers compete for your business even if your Credit Score is currently low
  • Learn- How to avoid a lender or broker from inadvertently "pulling" a lower Credit Score on your credit report
  • Learn- How consolidating debt can lower your score
  • Learn- What the Credit Bureaus will never tell you
  • Learn- Much more........
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This E-Book was written based on the results of my personal experience researching and ultimately discovering how to boost my Credit Score quickly and dramatically so I could get an acceptable loan rate and save thousands of dollars in interest for a new home and car. As soon as I found out that in today's credit world "Its all about the score", I became very serious about raising my credit score. Learn how I discovered simple but powerful methods that can quickly boost your Credit Score within days!

"It has some very important knowledge. Everyone should purchase and read it. Presently, we are buying a house. Hopefully, after praying and studying this document, we won't make the same mistakes that have been made for the past 25 years"

Thanks again.
Jennifer Hatcher.

"Mr. 101 Secrets ,
The information you sent me is great!!!!

The reason why I'm so motivated in raising my score was because I wanted to purchase a home and I knew even with a bankruptcy (1998) lenders are not suposse to use it against you. I just figured that my scores would go up the older my bankrupcty got. How wrong I was. So blind."When I read your program I put all this information together and WOW I finally figured it out with your help."

Thanks so so much
Mark Mitchell

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Here is my Guarantee- I am so confident that your scores will increase within 45 days (Note- Typically your scores will increase within a few days of following my techniques, however my guarantee is for 45 days) Just provide me documentation of what your 3 credit scores were within 24hrs. of ordering this E-Book and again on the 45th day. If your credit scores have not increased by following my techniques, and you can prove to me that you followed my steps, I will give you double your money back!

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