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A Message From Our President, Dennis Meunier

It is a very exciting time for United College Marketing Services. For 17 years, we have positively affected the credit card marketing industry by developing innovative sales methodologies that credit educate people in the process.

We have been richly rewarded as we are one of the most profitable companies in our field. In addition to measuring up well financially we have also made quantifiable improvements in the lives of the college students we sell to, the campus administrators we work for and the card issuers that rely on us for growth. Through our Campus Merchant Program, we are able to pass some great savings unto the students while at the same time providing campus merchants a channel with which to reach their target consumers, students.

I personally want to thank all those that have partnered with us in this journey. Senator Ted Kennedy from Massachusetts and Representative Carolyn Maloney from New York for making the nation more aware of credit card marketing issues. Key people in the press such as Robert Heady from Bank Rate Monitor, David Robertson from Nilson Report and Jim Daly from Credit Card News have been very gracious in tracking our progress.

Company Overview

United College Marketing Services is a company that promotes credit cards to college students. Instead of the typical sales approach, UCMS avoids solicitory methods. We try to offer students more value. An example of this is Credit Strategies Seminars. Just about anyone can set up a booth to sell cards on campus, so UCMS offers this alternative.

We started offering Credit Strategies Seminars to combat the people that screamed "Get good credit!" but did nothing to explain what good credit really is. We have developed Credit Strategies Seminars to be of use to you, the college student. In one section we actually show a scorecard that shows how a loan officer evaluates applicants. We also give you an address that allows for you to get transaction recorders FREE!

We also offer a Campus Merchant Program which is a locally based, premium discount coupon program that is specific for each college that we market at. Discounts range between $100 to $250 per coupon book. Student users receive the book entirely free of charge so long as they have a visa/mc card. Users are not required to use the visa/mc card. The CMP has received much positive press because it saves college students extra money over normal campus coupon books. Since 1989, we have saved 7,500,000 students 2.4 billion dollars. UCMS has the goal of saving students 3.25 billion dollars by 2008!

To Contact Us:

We have interview tape, b-roll and company executives available to give interviews.

2021 Midwest Road, Third Floor
Oak Brook IL 60521

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Company Statistics:  
Sales: $14,200,000
Employees: 360
Founded: January 1989
Visitors per month: 2,500,000 - 3,000,000
Dollars saved students: $2,400,000,000
Headaches saved due to credit problems: Countless

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For up to date news releases, please contact:
Media Relations Coordinator e-mail: mailto:jhicks@ucms.com
2021 Midwest Road, Suite 200
Oak Brook IL 60521


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