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New Ventures
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UCMS Venture Partners is the venture arm of UCMS (United College Marketing Services). We look to invest in technology companies that focus on young adult financial services. It is our intention to invest in promising young companies that provide services, products, or programs to the college segment in a beneficial manner.

"We don't throw darts at a board, we bet on sure things"
- Gorden Gecko from Oliver Stone's Wall Street

Typically we will participate in but will not lead a round of financing. We will also test market every product before we invest so working prototypes are a must.


UCMS Venture Partners participates in college market offerings ONLY. Specifically, we are looking for concepts that benefit the college student, improve the college community and enhance the college experience.

We will evaluate deals based on our vision to improve the overall college environment, but more specifically on the ability to empower the college student to access more resources using technology. Excite us with something that is ready to sell.


Once we select deals or concepts that match our criteria, we will then get involved with the founders to make the project work. We are able to be "value added investors" because we focus on the college niche. We provide not only the funds to get the new business off the ground, but also help in:

· Signing up between 20,000 to 200,000 registered users using the UCMS sales network
· Give you instant revenue through the sale of no annual fee credit cards
· Accessing a board of advisors that guide your team
· Introducing you to industry insiders and forming strategic alliances
· Litmus test your product first hand with college students


Similar to the way that we guided PayPal AWAY from beaming money and TOWARD emailing of money… We believe that the next standard of money transferal will START with the young adult market. Our vision is to catalyze that change in a manner that benefits the consumer, boosts the entrepreneur, serves our client banks and is congruent with UCMS position as the market leader in credit card sales to students.

Entrepreneur FAQ

What sort of companies does UCMS Venture Partners like to finance?
We focus primarily on young adult financial services. We pay particular attention to companies that connect technology with a college student's credit card. We then leverage our position as the largest direct marketer of credit cards to college students.

What makes UCMS Venture Partners unique?
UCMS Venture Partners has the backing of America's #1 college credit card marketing company. This backing is leveraged in many ways for the companies that UCMS VP decides to invest in.

What are the value added features UCMS Venture Partners brings to a deal?
UCMS VP signs up registered users using the UCMS sales network, gives you instant revenue for traffic your site generates, accesses a board of advisors that guide your team, networks you to industry insiders, and consults you on developing strategic alliances.

Why did UCMS Venture Partners get started?
We started to fund college oriented e-commerce sites that are good for the college community.


Submit your executive summary / business plan ucmsVP@ucms.com

New Ventures

Duck9 helps college students graduate with a FICO of 750

Credit Healthy.com helps young adults with boosting credit score.
Credit Card.org is a search engine that seeks credit solutions


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