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History of UCMS Saving Students Money

Vision and corporate mission
  We have the vision of marketing credit cards in a manner that adds value for the college student consumer. Our current programs springboard us ahead of typical sales promotions. Unlike "purely solicitory" sales approaches, we interweave credit education into the sales process. This profoundly simple concept has bolted us to credit industry prominence and recognition. Here are the changes we see developing within the following segments.
For the campus environment
  Our educational programs help students stay financially healthy. With education, students can avoid mistakes that have crippled others in the past. We feel a responsibility to offer credit education not only those who might sign up for a credit card, but everyone! Even if they have applied elsewhere we still welcome them to one of our live seminars on campus.

Our goal is to offer credit education to everyone at four-year colleges. Although logistically it is near impossible to do live seminars, the collegevisa.com site allows for us give seminar information through our web presentation. Also, we work with general media people to expose us to three other critical youth segments: small four-year schools, two-year schools and technical colleges and high school students.
Rules and laws for college marketing are changing
  College administrators are growing less and less tolerant of "purely solicitory" tactics on campus. Many campuses restrict tabling promotions. The trend has been for college administrators to impose more and more regulations. Some schools University of Minnesota at Twin Cities, Northwestern University at Evanston, and University of California at Irvine prohibit "table top" card marketing entirely.

Senator Kennedy from Massachusetts and Representative Carolyn Maloney from New York are working on legislation that curtails marketers, "that sign up college students for credit cards without providing pre-credit education".

Both trends build attendance to UCMS' Credit Strategies Seminars, differentiate us from marketers and add momentum to current success. Recently, our efforts have moved online to reach a greater population and streamline our efforts.
Developing value added programs for our partners
  Our president stated in an interview, "Generating a properly filled out application is just the tip of the iceberg". UCMS has been a leader in developing valued added programs for its partners. In addition to Credit Strategies Seminars, UCMS offers the Campus Merchant Program, which is a coupon book developed for each particular college campus.

With the increase in college segment competition, our bank partners will rely upon usage and retention programs to firm up their customer base. We also want to acknowledge and thank Visa for supporting us through the years.

Company Milestones

  • Credit educated over 50,000,000
  • Conducts 10,000 plus credit seminars annually
  • 8,000,000 students November of 2004

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