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Happy 2005: Year of the FREE Credit Report

Free fax counseling to boost FICO score that leverages FTC mandate for free reports.

According to Credit Healthy, 85% of Americans live well over their means. “When we hear of people borrowing money to fill the gap, often the debt instrument is a credit card”, says industry expert, Larry Chiang - an advocate that dovetails consumer rights with technology. In this interview, he reveals his personal fax number to fix credit reports using “secrets” only credit industry insiders know about.

His company, CreditHealthy.com, provides cutting edge tips, strategies, techniques and ideas to college students at seminars and also on the web.

On the Internet we see many firms offering so called “Free Reports”. These almost always come with an obligation to buy, submitting personal information, signing up for a service that you need to cancel, or something similarly unsavory. CreditHealthy.com shows you something legitimately free. Visit the site that the FTC recommends and then fax your credit report into CreditHealthy.com and we will fax back a list of recommendations and email you form letters to use.

Larry Chiang's fax number is six five zero, six five one, one five five five. It's written out to prevent spiders from crawling it. This offer is available on faxes received by Jan 30.

His first start up was in 1989, United College Marketing Services when he was a sophomore in his dorm room. "I saw a huge need for students to get the heads up on what good credit really means. It is the responsibility of those who sell credit cards to college students to disseminate these tips." UCMS is the only company to integrate credit education into the sales process. He pushed Congress to provide free credit reports and has testified in Congress. CreditHealthy.com is an extension of the on-campus educational efforts.

"UCMS Supports Financial Literacy Month"

Get 12 free transaction recorders!

They allow you to record all your transactions. It is like an envelope and it fits over your credit card snugly. Some people call it a credit card condom. This tool is great for tracking your credit card usage. Until March 31, 2005, we are making this available to anyone.

Please send $3.00 S&H (cash or check) to:

2021 Midwest Road, Third Floor
Oak Brook IL 60523

Or PayPal, FREE condoms (at) creditcard(dot)org. It's written out that way to prevent webcrawlers from abusing this free product. Allow 4-6 business days for delivery.

ORDER IN BULK (Sorry no discounts but for convenience we ship to multiple addresses. Parents use these for kids in different school locations.)

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