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Defeating Holiday Credit Card Debt Doldrums

Palo Alto , CA , January 10, 2005 : According to the Wall Street Journal, 70 % of Americans have no money left over after paying basic expenses every month. This fact could signify more credit card buying both for basic necessities and holiday gifts.

Our guest, Larry Chiang, is a credit insider pro who will outline cutting edge credit tips, super secret strategies, techniques, and ideas on managing credit that are not promoted to the public. By utilizing these expert-spending techniques, American consumers can stop over-spending and improve their cash flow during the post holiday credit card hangover in addition to increasing their savings year round.

Here are some of the tips Larry will cover which will save consumers major dollars:

•  Helping you refinance your overpriced loan.

•  Showing you negotiating tips only credit card insiders know about.

•  Saving $1500 to $2000 by understanding your credit score.

•  How to manipulate your credit report to boost your credit score.

His website, www.credithealthy.com, has credit educated millions in a grassroots fashion. Larry Chiang founded UCMS when he was a sophomore in his dorm room.


Additional Interview Questions

•  How do you turn your credit card into a financial tool?

•  What are smart strategies for shopping for the right card and for staying debt free?

•  What are some common pitfalls consumers fall into?

•  How do loan officers evaluate candidates?


“Our guest will also outline legislative changes and introduce free online financial resources.” Segment structure could be straight interview, Q & A with audience, or graphical tips.



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