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March is College Credit Card, Credit Healthy Month
Oak Brook, IL , March 2, 2005



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March is College Credit Card, Credit Healthy Month

Spring Break Month Boosts or Busts Credit Ratings

Awareness month leverages loopholes in credit reporting.

Oak Brook, IL , March 2, 2005 : In observance of National College Credit Card Credit Healthy Month, colleges are focusing on credit card issues on campus. According to John Simpson, administrator at Indiana University , "We lose more students to credit card debt than academic failure." In honor of the month, universities across the nation will host credit strategy seminars at no charge to college students.

Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, said in support of the month a, “Financial literacy programs provide much needed education for America's youth.” On campus credit card educational programs battle the credit cards pitfalls college students face –financial literacy transcripts available for free download at www.credithealthy.com . Larry Chiang, a college credit card industry stalwart, pointed towards the trend of colleges banning credit card tabling. He states, “Right now about 65% of four year colleges curtail the practice of credit card tabling”. Chiang is famous / notorious for starting America 's largest credit card marketing company, United College Marketing Services in 1989 which he exited in 1996. Recently, he invested in www.creditcard.org , a site that helps consumers seek out credit card issues.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 45% of theft on campus occurs because of credit card debt pressures. College Credit Card Credit Healthy Month has support ranging from national to local legislators, coupled with college administrators alongside student government associations. Together with industry titans, College Credit Card Credit Healthy Month highlights the proper use of credit cards:

•  College students can use their credit card to boost their fico score high enough to qualify for a new home purchase www.credithealthy.com

•  Slight credit blemishes are not ok. Free tools are available at www.collegevisa.com

•  Savings when your credit report is manipulated to boost your credit score. Larry Chiang stated, “Credit card companies are smart and can't be duped, BUT the credit system is FILLED with loopholes to LEVERAGE”.

•  Ten previously unpublished credit card tips are available FREE at the site www.101secrets.com


About the companies mentioned:

United College Marketing Services is located in Oak Brook Illinois and represents top credit card / charge card companies at credit educational seminars where students sign up.

www.CreditHealthy.com is a company that promotes proactive credit education and encourages turning a credit card into a financial tool.

www.CreditCard.org is a website that helps consumers with customized searches related to credit card problems.

www.collegevisa.com was established in 1996 and has credit educated over 10mm students

www.101secrets.com offers secrets that only credit industry insiders know about through an eBook available for download.


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